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Pornstar Krystal Steal


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Krystal Steal was born 29 November 1982 in Orange County, California, to parents of Scottish, Irish and Dutch origin.
Like many women working in the adult entertainment industry, Krystal's career began with dancing in strip clubs. In this case, Krystal was seventeen and found employment only with the help of a fake ID. She also dabbled with singing in clubs, and spent a year developing her performance skills and stage presence.
At eighteen, Krystal made the move into making porn films, and her debut was the Digital Sin production of 'Screaming Orgasms 4'. Later that year, she signed an exclusive contract with Pleasure Productions and went on to pose for numerous men's magazines, including the top names, like 'Hustler'. Krystal's uncanny resemblance to pop diva Christina Aguilera is regularly commented on, and has resulted in a level of exposure outside of the adult entertainment industry.
When her contract expired in 2003, Krystal became the first porn star to sign with Club Jenna. Her first feature followed - 'Krystal Method', where fans saw her work with her new boss, and 'the Queen of Porn', Jenna Jameson, and was directed by Eric Masterton. 'Krystal Method' remains one of Krystal's most popular movies to this day.
Krystal has so far appeared in two music videos (one of the band Atreyu, the other of the hip-hop outfit Die Fantastischen Vier), and has said that would certainly be interested in making more. Unlike many other porn stars, however, Krystal has said that she has no interest in crossing over into the mainstream and appearing in mainstream movies.

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