Brianna Banks Solo


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Brianna Banks starred in movies such as "Soulmates" (2005), "The Shield" (1 episode, 2005), "Something the Lord Made" (2004) and "Edge" (1997). Brianna Banks sure has some big pink shiny lips on her beautiful face. She has some blonde hair that falls down over her big sexy fake round tits. She has some perky nipples on her boobs. She wears some cute light blue lingerie on her big tits and ass. A little bit of jewelry is hanging around her neck. She slowly pulls off her big bra and reveals her big huge round fake tits. She cups her breasts in her hands and makes some sexy seductive faces into the camera. Her young horny wet juicy pussy is completely shaved. She sits down on a soft blue bed and plays around in her body in all kinds of ways. She crawls around on the bed on all four limbs. She opens her mouth and pants and moans. She strokes her blonde hair with her sexy fingers. She reaches down to her pussy and masturbates it. She spreads her pussy lips and shows off her pussy. She pushes her fingers into her pussy one by one. She grabs her big soft round sexy tits and licks them with her tongue. In the background are some see-through white curtains and the outside can be seen through the windows. Beautiful green grass and some lanterns are seen in the background. She crawls around on the soft bed and poses with her front to the camera and with her back to the camera. She keeps fondling and massaging and fingering her soft juicy fake big tits a lot. She sticks a finger up her anus. Brinna Banks is a beautiful bodacious babe with some big bubble booty and bubble breasts and bubble butt.